Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ANT-5 (I-4, I-4z) Soviet all-metal biplane 1/72 scale Zvezda

Hi everyone!
I want to intoduce you a review of Zvezda manufacturer ANTONOV aifcraft  model kit.
Full name: ANT-5 (I-4, I-4z) Soviet all-metal biplane 1/72 scale Zvezda 7271
So lets go...

The ANT-5 was a Russian fighter biplane in the late twenties, early thirties. It was their first all metal fighter and saw service in the Spanish civil war. It was also built in three different models although the instructions are a little vague on this.

73 injection moulded parts in medium grey plastic on two sprues, decals for one aircraft only and 2 double sided A5 multi lingual instructions with history, 6 build drawings and colour\marking diagrams but no parts plan.

Zvezda often produce kits from other makers but I believe this is one of their own mouldings. The plastic is cleanly moulded with only a tiny amount of flash and some nice corrugated finish on the fuselage and rib detail on the flying surfaces but some of the finer parts are a bit over scale and the interior parts are some-what crude. Alternative parts are supplied for the other Mks, ( I-4 and I-4z), such as prop and spinner, lower wing, fin/rudder and armaments although you will have to study the instructions and box art to work out which is which.

The decals consist of six red stars, two white number twos and a crude instrument decal and again you will have to study things to work out what goes where.

If you really must have this aircraft in your collection then this is probably the best you will get. With some extra detailing and scratch building, it can be made into a nice model.

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